Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Of a time when imagination sparks, and wings give you go on a journey to magical lands! Oh what fun we will have! This is a beeswax collage project that I have the pleasure of teaching to a small group this coming Saturday afternoon. I will share photo's of their finished collages so you can see the journey that their imaginations lead them on. Working with old papers, photo's and tidbit's is always so enjoyable for me, and as I work, I sit and wonder who might have held these old items, and I ponder about the lives those children might have led.

I have always loved the original H.G. Wells The Time Machine movie, and how I dreamed of being able to go back in time someday! Another of my favorites was Somewhere in Time, with Christopher Reeve...what an amazing love story. Mostly, I just thought it would be very cool to have my own personal time machine so that I could visit the past, and the future too. And the design they came up with for the original time machine pictured above is pretty neat!

Of course we can't forget about the magic of the Back to the Future movies...and that DeLorean is a really sweet ride too! The problem I think lies in the fact that both of these times machines had some mechanical failures and flaws, so maybe it's time for someone to invent the perfect time that is stylin' and works like clockwork, with no breakdowns or goof up's with the time travel part. I know that I'd buy one for sure! :)