Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Loving My Rocks!!

I have become quite the stone collector in the last year....I've always been a collector of things...all of my's in my blood. My passion for rocks started last year when I realized that I could actually incorporate them into my art, and share their beauty with others. How exciting it is, to take something from the earth, that in some cases is millions of years old, and turn it into a piece of wearable art that can be enjoyed for years to come!

Their allure is undeniable....the sparkle of druzy entices me....
The beauty and mystery of tiny transparent windows tingles my imagination...
The power of stunning turquoise calls to my soul....
And I can't resist the sparkling crystals that catch my eye, and make me stare with wonderment and awe....
Such things of tiny interesting....some may say they are just rocks, stones, just hardened hunks of earth....but really they are so much more.....
I love looking at my rock collection...and really, I do hope to make some jewelry with them, to share with others....really I do...but, some are just so pretty, just so amazing, that I may not be able to part with them....they may have to stay here with me just a little while longer.....
I'm sure you'll understand....right? I mean, we all have our vices....and some of these recently acquired stones, I just couldn't bear to part with....they are just so stunning!
Please take a peek at my fellow Aspiring Metalsmith's blog posts, to see their rock collections. Maybe you'll be enticed to start a new collection yourself! :)

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