Tuesday, August 28, 2007

PGKS Autumn Launch on eBay this week!

I belong to a wonderful group of gals called the Primitive Gathering of Kindred Spirits on eBay and we are doing a fall launch this week listing fall and Halloween items for sale to kick off the fall season! I have three new mini collage charm necklaces offered, and there are many other fantastic pieces from the other members of the group. Click here to see the complete list of items. Here are my three necklaces....
Speaking of charm necklaces...I just finished several new ones, and will be offering them for sale here on my blog, and I will also have a few special ones for sale on the Primitive Gathering site on Saturday September 1st....so stay tuned!

I have been nominated to participate in a name game by my two friends Elaine and Lorraine. It goes like this....I am suppose to use the letters from my middle name to describe my characteristics....well gals, I do not have a middle name! So, Elaine said that I should pick one that I would have liked my name to be. Honestly I can't imagine what my middle name would have been, so I will just list a few words to describe myself. :)


It doesn't seem like those letters make up a name that I know, but what the heck....thanks just the same ladies! Here are my nominee's;


Thanks for participating in the fun!

Friday, August 24, 2007

I Love The Mail!

I admit it....I am one of those people that looks forward to the mail! I can hear the mail truck drive by my house each day as I am working in my studio....the truck has a very distinctive sounding motor. I peek through my blinds and spy, and I wait until my mailman has finished placing the mail into each persons box (we have a large community box on the corner) and then I go out to retrieve my mail. Many days it's loaded with junk mail and bills...but every now and then, I receive a special treat in the mail...and yesterday was one of those days! :) I received an enveloped marked air mail from South Africa. It was from Lynda, and I had recently won a drawing she held on her new blog Wednesday's Wanderings. The envelope contained a wonderful set of postcards with images from the town of Howick taken in the early 1900's. I just love old photo's and the history that they share with us. Thank you again Lynda!

Here's a sneak peek of what I have been working on for The Primitive Gathering site. I will have these items and more available for purchase on September first, so please check back soon.

We had a great time at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom last weekend, and here are few pictures from that day....This butterfly was HUGE!!! Bigger than my palm spread apart....just amazing! Notice how his colors seem to blend in with the surrounding tree?

Simon had fun feeding the giraffe's......

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I recently spent a day in my hometown of Chico, California. We went for a celebration honoring my good friend Nikki and her partner Brad. They were renewing their commitments to each other in a lovely service held at the local park. It is always nice to visit my hometown, and catch up with friends from my childhood. Many things have changed over the years, but many have also stayed the same. I wouldn't want to live there again, but it is a nice place to visit once or twice a year, and I always take a stroll down memory lane while I'm there. Here are some pictures from that day....

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These were taken at the children's area of the park where Simon had fun running around afterwards. I just love the mosaic work done on this dragon!
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Friday, August 17, 2007

A sigh of relief....

I finished my new Holiday designs that I have been working on for ESC Trading Company Inc. last night, and I breathed a sigh of relief, as I dropped them off at FedEx this afternoon....finally finished, and on their way! These new designs have several elements, and were a little more time consuming for me to make, so it was a nice feeling of accomplishment, and now I can move on and start all of the new fall and Halloween designs floating around in my head. Here is a sneak peek of my new designs for ESC....they should be available next June, 2008.

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Speaking of new Halloween....you must go over and take a peek at Colleen's incredible new fall creations! They are selling quickly, so hurry over and email her if you see something that pulls on your heart strings. Her attention to detail is superb, and her new little theaters are so festive....just perfect for a Halloween display! AND....miss Colleen is gracing the cover of both the new issue of Art Doll Quarterly and Somerset Studio! Congratulations Colleen....you deserve it!! :) Here is one of her wonderful new pieces....

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I am headed to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom tomorrow. We are taking our son and my mom, and it should be a fun day in the sun. I'll be sure to share some pictures with all of you upon my return. :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I've Been Nominated....

By a really "Nice Matters" gal, and a great friend Annie! *UPDATE* I was also nominated by Tonya of Back Porch Pickins...thanks to you too Tonya! :) What a lovely award to receive, and I am honored that she thought of me as one of the nicest people she knows online......thanks Annie! :)So I have to nominate 5 people to receive this wonderful award, and my 5 are;

1. Lana of Honeysuckle Lane

2. Stephanie of Once Upon a Notion

3. Colleen of Merry Wishes & Vintage Dreams

4. Elaine of Artful-Spirit

5. Bonnie of Studio of Bonnie Jones

You are all really nice people, and I am privileged to call you my friends. Thank you!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

James Christensen's Art

I thought it would be fun to showcase some of my favorite artists. Ones that I admire, and that whom I gain inspiration from. I will start with my vary favorite of all, James Christensen. I am lucky enough to own a few of his prints, and I absolutely love his work! For those of you who are not familiar with his work, I encourage you to click on the link below that will take you to his publisher where you can see all of the work they have produced over the years. I could not locate a personal website or blog for James, but if any of you are aware of such a site, please share it with me. Below are some pictures of his work that I own.

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This next image is one of my favorites that he has done, but it has been sold out for many years, and if you can find a copy available to purchase, it goes for a lot of money. I still love looking at it, and someday hope to purchase a copy of my own. It's called Once upon a Time ......

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Here is a link to James Christensen's publisher where you can view more of his work. Click the "more" button at the top right corner to take you through all of the pages.

I will be back soon to showcase another one of my favorite artists!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What's New?

August is here, and we've been having beautiful weather here in Sacramento! It's been cooler than normal for this time of the year...almost feels like fall. Speaking of fall...it's my favorite time of year! I love the fall weather, the colors, and tastes of the season....not to mention all of the fabulous fall themed folk art. I have a wonderful collection of Halloween and fall themed folk art by several amazing folk artists, and when I unpack it all this year, I will be sure to post pictures for you all to enjoy. Here is a sneak peek of a painting I just finished this week for PFATT that will be available on the 10th. It's my first painting on canvas in many years, so it was a fun change of pace for me.
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I have been enjoying summer's fruits and one of my favorites is watermelon! Mmmmmm it's cool and refreshing, and satisfies my sweet tooth! Here is one that my family and I enjoyed this week.

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We have also been on a smoothie kick, with all of the wonderful fresh berries this year. I make them up in the blender and they are a tasty way to start the morning. Here is my recipe.

1-2 cups of fresh strawberries, raspberries or a combination cleaned and sliced
1.5 cups of crushed ice
1 cup of low fat milk or orange juice
1 banana
1 cup of raspberry low fat sherbet
a bit of sugar or honey to taste
Blend it all up and enjoy! Warning!!! Not necessarily a low calorie food! :)

I am excited for my good friend Colleen whose lovely doll is gracing the current issue of Art Doll Quarterly! Please pick up a copy and read about her wonderful dolls. She will also be in the next issue of Somerset Studio coming out soon, with more of her amazing dolls. Be on the lookout for that one too!

I will be back soon with more new Halloween folk art, and more charm pendants. In the meantime, please check my PFATT offerings this Friday, and enjoy a smoothie or two!