Monday, July 30, 2007

Last post of July.....

Where did the month go? It flew by so quickly, I am sitting here thinking what did I accomplish this month, and I can't believe that it's almost August already! I am always running behind, ever the procrastinator, and this month was no different. It's always one of my yearly resolutions, to be more organized, and manage my time better so that I can be more productive, but as with a lot of resolutions, I don't always stick with it. I am a lot better than I was years ago, so maybe my small incremental improvements are helping. I am looking forward to August, and hoping to be a LOT more productive than I was in July! We'll see.... :)

If you get a chance, please stop by Lynda's blog as she is having a give-away of some lovely postcards! Post a comment, and you will be entered in her drawing on August 1st. Also, please take a peek at Suzanne's blog, as she has some exciting news about her new website that she is launching on August 1st! She is a marvelous painter, and I just love her "painter of the week" posts. Very fascinating!

I am working on some new winter designs for my licensing company ESC Trading Company Inc. and when those are completed, I will be starting new Fall and Halloween items that will be offered for sale. I'll be back soon with some "works in progress" pictures for you! Please email me if you would like to be added to my mailing list, as I will be sending out an email when I have my new items finished.

Friday, July 20, 2007

It's Friday.....and It's Hot!

I have been slowly catching up this week....finishing up with the Angels for Brianna auction, starting some new sculpted pieces, having fun with Simon and getting my home back in order. The days are long this time of year, and seem to last forever. I spend the cool mornings with the doors and windows open...enjoying the sounds of birds chirping nearby, children playing, and the rustle of leaves as the light breeze goes by. When the afternoon heat sets in, usually by about 2 pm, but lately it's been by noon, it's time to close the house up tight and run the AC. I'd prefer not to run the AC, but the heat in Northern California can be unbearable in July and August. The afternoons are when I sit and work on new pieces, and ideas for future ones. Planning what I'll work on next keeps my creativity flowing, and keeps me on pace to finish any current work that is on my table. I always have my "to do" list near by, and a note pad that I sketch ideas on. You never know when a great idea will come to you, so I have note pads all over my home for just such an creative moment! My sketch's probably wouldn't make much sense to anyone else, but they convey enough of an idea to me, that I can go back months later and remember the thought that I had when I put the pen down on paper.

Here is Simon and I staying cool in my grandparents pool. He is just learning how to swim, so he has on all of his gear to stay safe while learning. He loves the little boat with the built in water gun. He sprayed us all that day...aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins...even mom and dad! :)

I hope you all are staying cool, and enjoying your summer. There is nothing better than taking time to enjoy some laughter and fun times with family and friends. I also wanted to say thank you again to all that participated in the auction last week. It was a huge success, and we far surpassed our original goal of $10,000 almost doubling it! From all the wonderful art that was donated by the many talented artists, to all of the bidders....thank you from the bottom of my are all angels.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Tomorrow is the Final Day of the Auction!

Please be sure to stop by and place any final bids tomorrow by 6:30 pm Pacific time! It will be your last chance to add one of the many beautiful angels to your collection. We will be updating bids every hour for the last three hours, starting at 3:30 pm. There are still some wonderful works of art well under $100, and we would love to see them go higher! Thank you again to everyone that has participated and made this possible....from the artists, to the are all angels! :) Click here to visit the auction now!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Angels for Brianna Auction starts tomorrow!

I wanted to remind everyone to please stop by the auction site by clicking on the banner above, at 10 am Pacific time tomorrow morning to see all of the lovely offerings from the many generous and talented artists that are participating! We will have about 70 angel themed pieces of art for purchase, and we hope that you will open up your hearts and bid high, to add an angel to your home. :) Below is a sneak peek of my angel. You'll be able to see the entire piece tomorrow. Thank you again to all of the wonderful artists who are participating in this event!! You are all the real angels, and without you this auction wouldn't have become a reality!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

I wish you all a glorious day filled with family, fun, fireworks & friends!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Ecclectic Finds from the Flea Market!

I spent a wonderful day yesterday at the Alameda Antiques by the Bay flea market. I met Colleen and her friend Shelly, and we walked, and walked, and walked around some more....up and down the isles of fabulous treasures to behold! Everything that you could probably imagine was there, and I have never been to an antique show that was so large. I skipped a few isles just to take a break and have lunch.... a simply delicious crepe made by a talented french cook, filled with egg, cheese, green onion and sauteed mushrooms.....mmmmmm tasty! It was beautiful weather, and I should have taken pictures to share with you, but I was so busy looking at all of the wonderful things offered for sale that I completely forgot. Next time I will for sure. :) Below are a couple of pictures of what I was lucky enough to find, and all, I might say, for great prices too. The second pictures shows pages from two old books that I picked up there....both from the 1800's. They will be a valuable resource for my altered art designs.

I thought I would have my new charm pendant necklaces done last weekend, but I was so busy that I wasn't able to finish them up, so please check back soon, and if you are interested in something particular, please drop me a line and let me know. Until next time...I hope you all have a wonderful week!