Thursday, June 28, 2007

Show pics, hooked rugs and more!

I have been meaning to post some pictures of my first show of the year. It was on Sunday June 10th, and it was a beautiful day, perfect weather, and we all had a wonderful time! The turnout for the show was down from last year, but I believe it was due to it being such a fabulous day to spend outdoors with family and friends. Here is a picture of my table, and the items I had for sale. I wasn't able to finish as many things as I would have liked for the show due to some health issues, so my table this year was a bit "light" compared to previous shows.
Here are some pictures of my friend Kathy's hand hooked rugs. She does beautiful work, and most of the rugs are her own designs. We shared a space together at the show, and had such a fun time chatting the day away!

Here are a couple of pictures of some antique rugs available for sale at the show. Aren't these fabulous! My favorite is the sheep detailed!

Here is a picture of a charm pendant that I made as a special order for one of my customers this week....I just love cats, and I wanted to give him a festive look by placing him on a background of polka dots, and wearing a paper music crown. I am working on some new charm pendant necklaces, in bird and everyday themes per several requests, and hope to have them posted here this weekend for you to see, so please check back soon if you are interested.
I leave you today with a picture of one of my kitties...her name is Samantha. Her favorite place to sleep is up on top of my antique hat boxes. She spends much of her time up there! Until next time, I hope you all have a wonderful week. :)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Charm Necklaces!

I have recently finished a few new charm necklaces and thought I would share them with you! These are mini collages that I have mounted in old optical lens's and finished off with a clear resin on the back to protect them. If you are interested in purchasing any of these charm necklaces, please email me at for more information.
I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend filled with laughter, family and friends! I am recuperating from surgery that I had two days ago to have my gall bladder removed, so I am taking it easy for a few days, and catching up with some old friends in the way of favorite movies, and magazines of inspiration! My three kitties are keeping me company, and my mom is here entertaining my son Simon. I'm on the road to feeling good again soon, and can't wait to be able to enjoy some of my favorite foods again. :)We are finalizing all of the details for the upcoming Angel's for Brianna benefit auction, and I want to personally thank all of you again that are participating and donating an angel! Those of you who were not able to donate, I hope that you will find an angel that you'd like to bid on, and help out a family who has suffered so much with the loss of their beautiful and talented daughter. Stop by Iva's blog and read her lovely eulogy to her moved me to tears, and I'm sure it will you as well.That's it for now.....the couch is calling my name today! Thank you again, and please stop in again soon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Wonderful New Online Shop!

I came across Delila's blog today, from Deborah's blog, and I just love it and wanted to share it with you all! Her blog is filled with beautiful photo's and artwork, so please stop by and take a peek. Delila has also just opened a new online shop called Sepia Art Studio filled with wonderful goodies to add to your collections and also to make enchanting art with! I highly recommend stopping by, and savoring all of the wonderful things she has to offer.

Brianna is gone....

I am sure that many of you have already heard the sad news, that Brianna is no loner with us. Words can not describe the loss of a child, and my heart goes out to Iva and her family. Brianna will be missed by so many, but she will not be forgotten. Colleen Moody, Kitty Forseth and myself have put together a benefit auction to help raise funds for the family. It's called "Angel's for Brianna" and will be a fabulous auction of artwork done in an angel theme, all donated by several artists working in a variety of styles and mediums. Please check back here, or on Kitty's and Colleen's blogs for more details....we hope to start the auction in about two weeks time, and are asking everyone we know to help spread the word, and bid on your favorite pieces!

Thank you all again for your prayers and support for the family. It meant so much to Iva and her family knowing that so many care, and have followed their journey.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Halloween in June & Americana!

Hello everyone! I finished up the pieces that you saw in progress last week, and wanted to share some pictures of them. Here is the Americana Monkey........
I think he may need a little hat though after looking at him for a couple of days, so I will be adding that before he is listed on the AFA site. Here is a close up of his face and his hand holding the old silver cup. I searched and searched at my local monthly antique faire for just the perfect sized cup, and finally found it at the end of the day! It is engraved with the word Petersburg, and has a lovely ornate little carved handle. Here is the little piece you saw mounted to the old child's block.... I named it Spirit of 1776 and it went to a new home on Sunday.This piece is the one I made for PFATT'S Halloween in June party....and she too is on her way to a new home. Don't forget to stop by if you haven't already, and enter your name in the drawing while you're there! There are some wonderful prizes donated by the artists, and you could be a lucky winner!This is the last piece that you saw in progress last week.....I call him "Hooray" Moon. I really love the way he turned out! He will be available for purchase on AFA soon. Speaking of AFA, we will be having an Americana theme update on June 25th, so check the site at noon that day to see all of the wonderful Americana folk art available for purchase!

I am asking you all to please keep Brianna in your thoughts and prayers today. There were some complications last night, and she is fighting right now, and she and her family could use all of the positive thoughts and prayers they can get. If you do not know of her story, please read Iva's blog and leave a comment of support. Thank you!

I will be back soon with pictures from my first show of 2007 which was on this past Sunday. We had a wonderful time and the weather was beautiful!
Until next time, I wish you all a wonderful week! :)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Happy June!

Summer is here, and the 4th of July Holiday is right around the corner, so I am working on Americana pieces, and some Halloween pieces for PFATT'S Halloween in June party that opens on June 10th! Please remember to stop by and see all of the wonderful Halloween art being offered, and you will also have the chance to win door prizes, so make sure to sign up for that! I have donated a Halloween Optical Lens pendant as a door prize, and you will be able to see a picture of it, and all of the door prizes available on the PFATT website in just a few days.

These are pictures of things I'm working on for PFATT and my first show of the year coming up this Sunday. One of these pieces is already finished, but I wanted to show you all what my pieces look like while they are in process....these are hands and feet....can you guess who they belong too? These are some wonderful old shoes I'll be filling.....I just love antique high button shoes ! They all have a story to tell. Here are some heads that I have sculpted....they are waiting for paint and crackle!
Here is an Americana piece that I am in the middle of. I bought a few antique children's blocks, and this one was just perfect for a patriotic piece!
And here is the head and torso of a piece......his little hands and feet were pictured above. If you guessed monkey, you were right!

I will be back later with pictures of these completed pieces. If any of you are in California please come by the show this Sunday June 10th at the Hillview Community Center in Los Altos. We will be set up in the courtyard next to the museum from 9am to 4pm. This folk art show runs in conjunction with the California Country Show, the best antique Americana show on the west coast! You can find more details on the show by visiting the events page on my website.

Here is one last picture for you girl Carrie! She is always right next to me while I'm working. Here she is sitting on my chair....silly kitty, she thinks it's her chair!