Thursday, April 3, 2008

A GIANT Blank Canvas....

This is by far the largest "blank canvas" that I have ever worked on. This is a 90 foot long exterior wall that I am helping to paint a mural on. I was asked by my son's preschool to help them design and paint a mural to beautify this large wall which faces the main road that everyone travels. It will be a mural celebrating the state of California's second official school district Center Unified, which was started in 1858 and is now 150 years old! There has been a school house on this site for 150 years, starting with a small wooden, single room building back in 1858 where all grades were taught together by one teacher. Today there are several buildings on the site, and it is a combination high school, and a co-op inclusion preschool. The mural that I helped to design will span the distance between the two sets of windows, and will be a large banner that reads "150 Years Of Excellence In Education 1858-2008" with the district's official logo in the center. Each letter and number will have it's own mini mural around it, designed and painted by some of the high school students and volunteer's....sort of a mural within a mural...and will give the overall effect of a mosaic. I have spent several hours working on this project over the past month, and will post pictures as we progress. The shots above are before pictures, and the two below were taken on the day we primered and painted the base coat. We had several parent volunteer's that came and helped paint that day which made it go a lot faster!We have started to paint the base coats of the spaces behind each letter and number, and I will post more pictures in just a few days so you can see it taking shape.

I've received several emails from friends asking if I am OK and where I've been, and this is where a lot of my time as of late has been spent. Thank you for your kind emails and posts, and please know that I will do my best to keep everyone updated, but that I will be a bit "scarce" until this project is completed, hopefully by the end of May. Wish me luck! :)


Dolly said...

Oh Sylvia what an honor to be included in such a wonderful project!
Do take us with you!
I am excited to see the end results!

Have fun!


Christine LeFever said...

Wow, that is magnificent. I am eager to see how it all unfolds. I know that with your expertise, it will become a national monument!


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Man, oh man, what a fun project!! Can't wait to see how it looks when you're finished.
Best wishes, and happy painting!

Lana said...

They will not be disappointed that they chose you to do the mural! I look forward to seeing it's progression.
I'm so glad to read you're just busy and not sick. I miss you at TEA, but completely understand. It's hard to squeeze 36 hours into a 24 hour period, lol! Never enough time to do everything.
I'll keep checking on you here.
Take Care & God Bless! Lana

Doreen said...

Wow Sylvia...I am looking foward to watching it's progress...if you are involved it will be great :)

I'm so glad to see you again...I too was wondering if you were ill.

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