Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Wait a minute...snowman in summertime!??? Is something wrong with this picture? Nope...it's Holly Jolly July over at PFATT Marketplace right now, and the snowman guy above is a new collage piece I created just for this event! I was also lucky enough to be chosen as the featured artist for the month of July, so you can read all about how I got started on my artistic journey, and what inspires me. You can check it out here.
This looks a little more like summer! I only had one chance to snap this pic of a pretty butterfly feeding in my front yard before it flew away....
Here are some of my recent summertime flea market finds....love the vintage ballet slippers!!
Part of our fourth of July celebration included a stop in Santa Cruz for some fun in the sun at the beach.....
And at the boardwalk! It felt great to dip our toes in the ocean, and we had a blast on all of the rides!

Here's a recent steampunk necklace I created using antique glass beads, watch parts, and a tintype photograph. I just love how this one turned out!

Try to stay cool this summer, and I hope you are able to have a lot of summertime fun of your own!


CARole said...

Hi Sylvia. What a nice surprise hearing from you today, so I thought I'd stop by your blog to see what's going on in your world. Loved seeing the photos of you and your family having so much summer fun! Keep it up and enjoy the rest of it. It will be Fall before we know it! Love those little ballet slippers too.

Christine LeFever said...

Very interesting reading about you! And remember, my son's name is Simon too! My Simon is now 32 years old. Your work is always delightful, Sylvia. I love your color choices for they are so cheerful and pretty.

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!

Heather said...

Oh! What lovely finds! I love the ballet slippers as well. So nice to meet you!~

Pea said...

Ah cute,My how he is growing. MY Gosh what do you feed that boy? Gracious.. LOL Looks like a fun time though.
Love the new necklace and oh the treasures you found were awesome. Wish I could find treasures like that around here.

Doreen said...

Hi Sylvia. Love your new pieces and congrat's on being the Feature Artist.

Your vacation looks wonderful...Im really hoping to get to the ocean sometime this summer.

The butterfly picture is wonderful.

Take care

Beth Quinn said...

Hi sylvia !!! i love those balley slippers wowzers !! and the watch face necklace is gorgeous !! thanks so much for stopping by and all your sweet comments !

Suzanne said...

Hi Sylvia~ Congratulations on being the featured artist! It was great reading about you. And I love your new snowman collage!
Hope you get more "fun in the sun" moments this summer! Cute pics!

La Donna Welter - Vintage Photo-Oil Artist said...

Hi Sylvia ~ Congratulations on being the featured artist! Thanks for the wonderful pictures, and I love the vintage ballet slippers, also!
La Donna

Kathy~Vintage Snaps & Scraps said...

Very nice photos, thanks for sharing them. I love your finds. The shoes are great, and...who can't turn away a photo album?

Donna O. said...

Each photo is great! And I see some great jewelry in the post below so I'm off to check those out!

Johanna Parker said...

Hi Sylvia!... Happy Summer :) Looks like you and your family have been enjoying the season... Enjoy!

PS...love that necklace!

~ Johanna

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I'll take a snowman in July anytime!! Love the necklace too.

Sam I Am said...

Awwww ...looks like you are having a FUN SUMMER!! Love all the pics...and your flea market finds!!!!
My sis in law lives in Santa Cruz! How far up the coast did you go?
Thanks for sharing all your great pics with us :)

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hi Sylvia, Fun in the sun! Love it!

It's never to early to create for Christmas. I love your piece for Pfatt! I prefer Halloween in May, June, July. He He!

Have a great week!!


Gavitee said...

Sylvia..........you seem to be as busy as ever. I love the new work. It's such fun seeing your surprises unfold.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia.... Nice scenes from a Summer !
Guess i will see ya soon...just stopped to say HI! xo~~ Connie