Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Welcome to my world!

I have decided to give blogging a try, and join the many other artists who are sharing their work with the world this way. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and meanderings!

This picture you see to the right is a piece I designed for a new magazine that will hit newsstands next week called GiftMaker. It's a keepsake box with a sculpted bird on top, and decoupage birds on all sides. Please check it will find all sorts of projects to make as gifts for yourself or loved ones, and they are done in a variety of mediums. I am also working on another project for the upcoming October issue. I will post more on that when I am finished with it.
This week is hectic planning for my son Simon's 4th birthday party on Saturday, along with a class that I am taking on Friday taught by a fabulous artist, Tim Holtz. I am so excited to take this class and meet him in person! I love his line of products, and his style is fabulous. Here is a link to his site.... The class is called "Industrial" and we will be making metal assemblage jewelry. I think it will be fun to learn his techniques, and see how the creative process works for him.

Spring is in full bloom here in Sacramento California, and so are my allergies! I love the weather, but my allergies are driving me crazy. It was actually hot enough that I had to run the AC for a while. It's supposed to stay nice thru the weekend, so that will be great for Simon's party. We are having a Thomas the Tank themed party for him, and the Thomas cake that I ordered is too cool! It's a 3 dimensional cake that looks just like Thomas himself! I'm sure Simon will be so excited to see it.

That's it for now...I'll post pictures from the class and Simon's party later. TTYS!


Once Upon A Notion said...

Welcome to the land of Blog. I am so excited that you are sharing your art and your voice with all of us. I can't wait to read your posts.


CARole said...

Good morning Sylvia. Good for you, you have a blog! I enjoyed reading it this morning. Your little bird box is charming.
Take care.

Suzanne said...

Hi Sylvia~
Welcome to the blog world! In this past week since I've started mine, I've met some wonderful people.
Your sweet bird/box is lovely.
I'll be back to visit!


Lana said...

Hi there Sylvia! Glad to see you joined us. I'll be checking in once in a while to see what's new...

Take Care,