Monday, April 30, 2007

Tim Holtz Class

The class on Friday was so much fun! There were about 25 of us, and Tim was not only a good teacher, but funny as well. He had samples that he had made of pins and necklaces for use to look at as inspiration for the project. Here are the three that he brought.

Carol, to the right, was across from me at my table. She made three very nice looking pieces, and has taken several classes from Tim in the past. The pins & necklaces are made using heavy chipboard, paints, distress inks, and old and rusty ephemera. They go together quite quickly, and I think anyone would have fun making these!

Here is a picture of Tim and I taken during class. I highly recommend taking a class from him should the opportunity ever arise for was a great learning experience, and I made some new friends.

Back with more soon!


Suzanne said...

How fun Sylvia! Those are beautiful pieces. Glad you enjoyed your day!


Elaine Thomas said...

Hey Syl, glad you enjoyed your class with Tim Holtz. Really cute projects. I wish I could have joined you. Maybe the next trip out we can take a class together.
Talk to you soon,

Nikki said...


This class looked fun! Maybe we can take a class together sometime now that I am out on the west coast:)

InPeace, Nikki

Sam I Am said...

Hi Sylvia!!! Stumbled upon your blog .. how FUN!!!!! :)
Im so jealous you got to take a class with Tim!! Was it just amazing???? :)
Wow.. i love the projects!!
How cute you are!!

Sylvia Anderson said...

Thanks everyone! Yes, I had a blast taking the class, and would love to take another from him the next time he comes into town. Thank you all for taking time to post on my blog....I'm overdue for a new update, and that is on my list of things to do for this week. :)