Sunday, May 20, 2007

May Update

I had wanted to post more pictures a couple of weeks ago, but time has flown by and I can't believe that May is almost gone! Where did it go? Here are a few more pictures that I took at the Tim Holtz class that I attended.....these are pictures of actual pieces that Tim created, and were other projects that he was teaching during his stay in Sacramento that week.
I just love his creations! I'll be back with more updates later this week Have a wonderful Sunday. :)


Elaine Thomas said...


These are great!! I really love the first one with the wings on it. She is just darling!! The halloween one is also cool.


Lorraine said...

I love them all! I hope you are feeling better!


Lana said...

I can see you making something fantastic as well Sylvia!
Hope you are feeling better!

Pea said...

Hi Sylvia,

Wow, it sounds like you had fun at your class! I sure wish we had classes such as that around here. Where I live, there is not much of anything.