Tuesday, August 28, 2007

PGKS Autumn Launch on eBay this week!

I belong to a wonderful group of gals called the Primitive Gathering of Kindred Spirits on eBay and we are doing a fall launch this week listing fall and Halloween items for sale to kick off the fall season! I have three new mini collage charm necklaces offered, and there are many other fantastic pieces from the other members of the group. Click here to see the complete list of items. Here are my three necklaces....
Speaking of charm necklaces...I just finished several new ones, and will be offering them for sale here on my blog, and I will also have a few special ones for sale on the Primitive Gathering site on Saturday September 1st....so stay tuned!

I have been nominated to participate in a name game by my two friends Elaine and Lorraine. It goes like this....I am suppose to use the letters from my middle name to describe my characteristics....well gals, I do not have a middle name! So, Elaine said that I should pick one that I would have liked my name to be. Honestly I can't imagine what my middle name would have been, so I will just list a few words to describe myself. :)


It doesn't seem like those letters make up a name that I know, but what the heck....thanks just the same ladies! Here are my nominee's;


Thanks for participating in the fun!

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Lorraine said...

Your charm necklaces are beautiful!!